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Coolmax® Mattress

£500.00 £300.00

The technologic innovation in design and product guarantees your comfort  and resting needs.

• The adaptability of Seafoam® results  on a balance between firmness and   movement

.• It adapts to body no matter the   temperature condition.

• Its “smart” adaptation allows   pressure release.

• The innovative system that makes   possible the horizontal and   transversal ventilation, assures the   perfect air circulation inside the   mattress



The Coolmax® Mattress: an unique product, extremely comfortable, light and flexible, high performance, greater durability and better breathability.

The advantage of gel is that it is usually manufactured in a box or honeycomb structure for use in mattress applications. This profile, combined with the intrinsic cool properties of the gel, mean that this material offers the best “sleep cool” characteristics of any current mattress product. The gel has high air circulating properties and a natural cool feel.Gel offers the perfect combination of body contouring, a cool performance (i.e. it will never be warmer than the human body), and it is also claimed to offer a mild massage sensation which results from the internal profile of the gel’s nested box like construction.


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