Its good bye forever to sleepless nights when you snuggle down in a ‘Powermatic’ Electrically Adjustable Bed. They’ll be no more tossing and turning to find that elusive, comfortable position. Instead, Powermatic will adjust itself simply and smoothly to your comfort needs, feet slightly raised, shoulders up a touch, Powermatic will help you find your perfect sleeping position with its wide range of mattresses, adjustable slatted actions and finishes.

We have taken these 3 crucial factors into account when designing our Powermatic range. Every Powermatic bed has a sturdy, reliable, hand constructed base made from the finest quality timber available with the choice of either a leg or deep base finish. The leg base is supported by either 7″ hardwood skittle legs or 5″ hardwood legs fitted with optional twin locking castors. The Deep Base is fitted with 50mm twin locking castors. Both bases have hardwood corner blocks on to which the adjustable action is anchored. By touching a button on the simple – to – use handset the bed’s slatted action will adjust smoothly through several positions from upright to lying flat. Every adjustable bed incorporates a 5-part adjustable twin motor system which is low voltage and maintenance free. It also benefits from weight adjuster zones and a centre belt. The load bearing points are bolted and sleeved. The ‘Powermatic’ range has 6 different electronically adjustable actions each being unique in its own way. Other sizes are available on request, for actions size please see the table below. We can provide any combination of Powermatic mattress, action, providing you with a ‘bespoke’ bed to suite your individual needs


The Powermatic massage system has been specially developed as an aid to sleep and can be easily upholstered into any mattress. The massage system gently vibrates over the whole surface of the mattress creating a soothing and relaxing effect. Physical benefits to the user include tension relief, boosted circulation and muscle relaxation.

5 point, 6 point and 10 point massage systems are available and all are directly built into the mattress. A simple to use multi-functional handset easily controls these massage points. The massage system can be adjusted by using the handset to strengthen or soften the vibration of any zone, run on a wave pattern, or select individual massage zones only. There is also a 6-point, dual control, multi-functional handset available which will control both the action and massage systems together.

Many people with breathing, circulatory, rheumatic and similar distressing problems derive huge benefit and great relief from being able to choose – and change – their sleeping position. But even if you’re fully fit, you’ll discover a whole new world of relaxation when you tuck yourself in to a POWERMATIC